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THURSDAY June 20​ - giggles pride comedy night @ Comedy Bar!

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Pride Toronto Giggles Comedy Show 2019 GirlPlay

GirlPlay Toronto curates events in Toronto for lesbian, queer, bi, and all female-identifying persons who prefer nice things.

Allies are welcome. 

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ITS HERE ITS HERE! It's our annual Pride 'Giggles' Comedy Show!!!!!!!

7:30 Show Tickets:
9:30 Show Tickets:

Each year has been a banger, so strap in (or on) cause this year its the ALL STAR EDITION! We're not just bringing you one headliner, we're brining you FIVE! Five of the countries top comedians, who are our national treasures, and how convenient that they also just so happen to be LGBTQ+!

Chanty Marostica
Elvira Kurt
Martha Chaves
Dawn Whitwell

Hosted by:
Adrienne Fish

You've seen them on TV, you've heard them on the radio, you've probably seem them in your dreams, so COME SEE THEM LIVE!

Each year has sold out, so make sure you get your tickets early. WE CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! Grab your Uhauls, get a dog sitter, tell your ex gf ( who we assume is now your best friend) and come kick off your pride weekend with us.

Comedy Bar opens at 6:30.
Two Shows, 7:30 and 9:30 (make sure you're buying the right ticket time!

7:30 Show Tickets:
9:30 Show Tickets:

Shows start on time! Weeeee!